Centre for Research, Human Resource Development and Publications

In the year 2007, the Centre for Research, Human Resource Development and Publications (CRHP) started its journey as an individual unit of the University. It has now become a unique center of the University. The CRHP emphasizes on creation of knowledge by empirical research, disseminate knowledge using publications and developing human resources through organizing different types of training programs, arrangement of workshops, seminars, conferences etc.

The vision of the Centre for Research, HRD and Publications (CRHP) is to drive out new policies and programs that may be helpful for improvement of relevant sectors of the University. The CRHP is also committed to implement all the programs undertaken by it in a befitting manner with full satisfaction to the University management.

The Centre for Research, HRD and Publications of Prime University is recognized as a leading academic organ of the university dedicated to facilitate high standard research practice by the students, faculty members and other stakeholders undertaking research work relating to Science, Education, Business and particularly Socio-economic issues. It also conducts seminars, symposium, workshops regularly in collaboration with the departments as well as individually. The Centre regularly uploads the findings/outcome of the above noted activities in the University website. The Centre is dedicated to human resource development. More precisely it regularly undertakes training of the newly appointed faculty members as well as the executives and staff of the University. It enables the participants to carry out their job responsibilities more successfully and efficiently. The third agenda of the Centre is to undertake the responsibilities of all types of printing and publications of the University, which includes printing of Journal, Newsletter, Annual Report, Annual Magazine, Prospectus, Souvenir, Diary, Calendar etc.

Centre for Research, HRD and Publications (CRHP) is performing the following jobs:

Research: The centre seeks research proposal from the Faculty Members and from outsiders twice in a year. The Research Council goes through the proposals and finally accepts the proposal and awards proposers. Along with the acceptance the proposers are awarded with requisite fund to conduct the research work.

Human Resource Development: The centre arranges human resource development works through organizing trainings, seminars, workshops, discussion programs regularly. Newly recruited faculty members are provided training. Freshers training course of the senior faculty members along with the training of the executives and staff also take place from CRHP. The training programs are helping a lot to create quality teachers and administrators those who are working in the University. On the other hand seminars, workshops, discussion programs and conferences are being conducted from CRHP individually or in collaboration with other departments of the University or other institutions where renowned personalities within the countries as well as outside the country speak for the audiences.

  • Publications:
    1. The centre is regularly publishing half yearly journal of international standard titled Prime University Journal. The ISSN no of the journal is: 1995-5332. The journals are being published taking quality articles of the authors from home and abroad.
    2. The centre is publishing newsletter in every semester. The newsletter contains different activities of the University.
    3. An annual magazine titled "The Ray" is published from CRHP. Faculty members, executives, staff and the students are the main contributors of the magazine. Beside that write-ups of the renowned writers and poets of the country are also included in order to encourage the starters who want to develop their talent in writing arena.
    4. The Centre publishes souvenirs on different occasions. Two souvenirs have been published till now from the Centre: One was on occasion of the 2nd convocation and another was on the occasion of the 14th founding day of the University.
    5. The publishes Annual Reports which highlight the overall activities of different departments and sections of the university throughout the year.
    6. The Prospectus of Prime University has been published from CRHP.
    7. Beside these CRHP prints calendar and diary every year.

# Title Date View Downloads
1 Rights of the Women Workers in Garments Sector in Bangladesh: A Study of Law and Reality 2023-09-15
2 Impact on other Development Sectors for Self Financing in Padma Bridge 2013-09-15
3 Child Killing by Mothers and Its Causes, Impacts and Remedied: Bangladesh Perspective 2023-09-13
4 Fluctuation of Share Prices in Dhaka Stock Exchange : A Critical Analysis 2023-09-13
5 Socio-economic Impacts of Social Safety Net Programs in Bangladesh: Old Age Allowance and Allowances for the Widow, Deserted and Destitute Women 2023-03-01
6 Role of Human Rights in Poverty Alleviation and Development Planning in Bangladesh 2023-03-02
7 “Street Children of Mega City Dhaka: A Comparative Study between Newmarket Thana and Mirpur Thana, Dhaka, Bangladesh” 2023-02-15
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3 Volume-15 Number-1 2023-09-13
4 Volume-14 Number-2 2023-09-13
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6 Volume-13 Number-2 2023-09-13
7 Volume-12 Number-2 2023-09-12
8 Volume-12 Number-1 2023-09-12
9 Volume-11 Number-2 2023-09-11
10 Volume-11 Number-1 (Part-2) 2023-09-11
11 Volume-11 Number-1 (Part-1) 2023-09-11
12 Volume-7 Number-2 2023-09-10
13 volume-10, Number-1 2022-11-30
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15 Volume-9, Number-1 2022-11-30
16 Volume-8, Number-2 2022-11-30
17 Volume-8, Number-1 2022-11-30
18 Volume-7, Number-1 2022-11-14
19 Volume-6, Number-2 2022-11-13
20 Volume-3, Number-1 2022-11-13
21 Volume-2, Number-2 2022-11-10
22 Volume-2, Number-1 2022-11-10
23 Volume 1, Number-2 2022-11-10
24 Volume-1, Number-1 2022-11-10
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5 Annual Report-2019-2020 2023-09-15
6 Annual Report 2018-2019 2023-09-15
7 Annual Report 2017-2018 2023-09-15
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3 Vol-16 Issue-3 Summer & Fall-2022 2023-09-21
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8 Volume-14 Fall-2019 to Summer-2020 2023-09-13
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10 Volume-13 Issue-1 Spring-2019 2023-09-13
11 Volume-12 Issue-3 Fall-2018 2023-09-13
12 Volume-12 Issue-2 Summer-2018 2023-09-13
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14 Volume-11 Issue-3 Fall-2017 2023-09-13
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29 Volume-6 Issue-2 Summer-2012 2023-09-11
30 Volume-6 Issue-2 Summer-2012 2012-09-08
31 Volume-6 Issue-1 Spring-2012 2012-09-08
32 Volume-5 Issue-2 Summer-2011 2011-09-08
33 Volume-5 Issue-1 Spring-2011 2023-09-08
34 Volume-4 Issue-3 Fall-2010 2023-09-08
35 Volume-4 Issue-2 Summer-2010 2023-09-08
36 Volume-4 Issue-1 Spring-2010 2023-09-08
37 Volume-3 Issue-3 Fall-2009 2023-09-08
38 Volume-3 Issue-2 Summer-2009 2023-09-08
39 Convocation Issue 2008 2023-09-08
40 Volume-2 Issue-1 Spring-2008 2023-09-08
41 Volume-1 Issue-3 Fall-2007 2023-09-08
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3 Annual Magazine 'The Ray'-2019 2023-09-18
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6 Annual Magazine 'The Ray'-2016 2023-09-17
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17 Notice of the 39th meeting of Editorial Board of PU Newsletter 2023-09-25