Prime University Computer Programming Club (PUCPC) was established almost two decades before. It allows the students to refine the programming skills obtained in classroom in order to compete in different programming events.  Each student can choose to work individually or as part of a team.


The objectives of PUCPC are as follows:
a.    To create a community of young coders by guiding them through their journey to find their passion for technology.
b.    To build the student's problem-solving abilities, which can improve skills in many of the main subject areas of computer science and engineering such as mathematics and science.   
c.    To develop programming solutions using various data structures, algorithms, arithmetic, algebra, number theory etc.
d.    To develop creative thinking, construct knowledge, and innovative products.
e.    To prepare students for CSE based companies, and competitive coding events.
f.    To gain technical and collaborative skills to design real-life projects.

Committee of the Club

President Md. Imran Hossain 50D
Secretary Ms. Bithi 53D

Advisor Panel

Prof Dr Jahangir Alam

Professor & Dean