The Department of English enjoys the honour of being one of the five departments with which the Prime University was born in 2002 with the avowed object of turning its students into full men with the development of their qualities of head and heart men able to solve the problems of life with the application of knowledge and skill tinged with humanitarian spirit, judicious awareness and analytical attitude all acquired from the diversified courses that its syllabus contains. The importance of English as an academic discipline has been ever growing with the onward march of the world community. In keeping with this global trend the English program of this University, apart from its traditional literary segments, incorporated within its scope comparative literature, linguistics, language teaching, philosophy, social sciences and humanities , film and media studies, etc. The syllabus is, therefore, tailored to various needs of the students to enable them to be armed with adequate preparations to face the struggle that they will have to win over.
The range and diversity of the course are equally matched with the multitude of approaches that are employed including exposition to various literary texts, analysis and evaluation of different genres of English literature, and specialised training in English language teaching. In addition to class teaching, arrangements are in place for seminars and workshops, debates and quiz competitions, dramatic performances and publication of magazines, cultural functions and co-curricular activities to hone the talents that lie latent in our learners ultimately shaping them into useful citizens capable of shouldering the responsibility that the motherland will assign them with after they enter the wide spheres of life demanding competence and performance of them.
Not only will they make themselves teachers of English in secondary and tertiary levels of education which is traditionally regarded as the field of work of the English graduates, but they will adorn positions in administration, local government and non-government organisations, print and electronic media, banking and marketing, hotel management and tourism, films and advertisement and the like. The graduates U+F02D. B.A. (Hons) and M.A. degree holders. of the department, it is humbly noted, have already earned gainful employment in various establishments, both inside the border and beyond.
A S M Saadul Quader
Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of English
880-2-9004957, 880-2-8031810 Ext. : 119
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  4 year BA (Hons) in English-126 Credits 
  2 year MA in English-60 Credits 
  1 year MA in ELT 
  1 year MA in Literature 
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 03 Jul 2019
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 26 Jun 2019
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