BA (Hons) in English Program:

English is a regular program of Prime University designed according to the needs of the time. English is no longer a subject but it has become the main medium of communication. That is why, the innovative curriculum of this program is based upon a compelling philosophy of teaching that allows students to achieve an excellence in performance.

Length of the program:

Students will complete the requirements for the B.A. (Hons) degree in four years.

Program Summaries:

B.A. (Hons) in English is a program spanning over 4 years consisting of 12 semesters; 3 semesters per academic year. The academic semester starts in February, June and October of each year. Each semester consists of 15 weeks class teaching, 1 week for the preparation of examination and 1 week for examination. The whole program consists of 126 credits.

Course Load:

The students need to take the course load as fixed by the University authority as shown in the detailed description of courses (4 year B.A. Honors in English). In special circumstances, maximum one course of the forthcoming semester will be allowed with the permission of the University authority. The University authority will exercise this power in case of the students coming through credit transfer.

Required Academic Qualifications for Admission:

Candidates having a total of minimum 4 points (3 points for 1st Division, 2 points for 2nd Division and 1 point for 3rd Division) or an average CGPA 2.5 in SSC and HSC or equivalent or "O" level in five subjects with at least 10 points and "A" level in two subjects with at least "C" grade or American High School Diploma or Program with Science, Commerce or Arts background are eligible to apply for the English (Hons) 4 Year Program.

Admission Committee:

The Vice-Chancellor of the University will constitute an Admission Committee for the program under the Chairmanship of the Chairman, Department of English, concerned Dean/Head or a Senior Faculty member of the academic staff appointed by the former for a period of two years.

The Admission Board shall perform the functions noted below:

a) To scrutinize applications received by the admission office of the University and prepare a list of names of the candidates who meet the minimum academic requirements, qualifications, etc. for admission.
b) To set question papers, arrange admission tests and evaluation of answer scripts for each test.
c) To prepare and publish lists of the successful candidates for admission into the University in order of merit after the approval of the respective Dean/Chairman.
d) To study credit transfer case and make appropriate recommendations in such case in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the University.

Admission Procedure:

a) Admission processes of 4 Year Bachelor Degree level will begin in January, May and September every year. Interested students are required to apply for admission in prescribed forms available in the Registrar office on payment (nonrefundable) of a fee fixed by the authority. The application forms duly filled in with three passport size photographs need to be submitted to the Admission Office/ Head of the department for processing. Applicants have to produce documents as proof of their qualifications, date of birth, mark certificates/transcripts of the SSC, HSC or equivalent attested by a first class gazetted officer or equivalent.
b) The Chairman of the department with the assistance of his colleagues of Admission committee will scrutinize the application form for written admission test. The successful candidate in written admission test will be required to appear for oral test for the final selection.
c) The final selection of students for admission to Bachelor Degree in English 4 year program will be made on the basis of the students' past academic records, marks obtained in various public examinations and marks obtained in the admission test (both written and oral). The Admission Committee of the department will make the selection and their decision will be final in this respect.

Examination System:

a) The Final Examination of English (Hons) will be held at the end of 16 weeks of each semester. b) One Mid-term Examination and two class test examinations shall be held within each semester after the completion of certain part of the syllabus. c) In the last semester of the English 4 Year program, the research project will have to be carried out and viva voce will be held at the end of the academic year with a view to increasing the thinking, speaking and imaginary power of the students as a future professional.

Academic Standard:

The student is to take the requisite number of courses and maintain satisfactory grades in the courses. In particular, the student is expected to maintain a GPA of 2 (both cumulative and that in the semester), otherwise the student will be put on probation for the following semester. If the student fails to maintain a GPA of 2 in the following semester, then the university will review the student's record and recommend future action which may include portions such as changing course of study, taking extra courses or in some cases, even withdrawing from the university.


a) A student getting GPA below 2 in each academic year may seek re-admission with the next batch. For re-admission, a student will have to apply within 15 days of the announcement of the results of the concerned year. b) On re-admission, grades earned earlier by a student in the class year of re-admission shall cease to exist and the student shall have to retake all the courses and examinations. Re-admission shall be allowed only once in a class year. A student shall not be allowed re-admission in more than two class years during the entire program. A class year is defined as three consecutive semesters.

Class Attendance:

Student's class attendance is regarded as an essential part of the course requirement. The expected class attendance is 90 percent. However, a student shall not be allowed to sit for the examinations if his/her class attendance is below 70 percent per semester.
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